November 19, 2009

Favorite Exercise

My absolute favorite exercise, believe it or not, is mountain biking - not running! If I could go mountain biking every day I would. I have choosen running because I am not that great of a mountain biker and there is no way I would even enter a mountain biking race - I am no where good enough. So I run and enter races when I can. Don't get me wrong I love running but I if I had a choice I would go for a 2 hour mountain bike ride over a run anyday.

What is your favorite exercise?


Heidi said...

I love hiking or trail walking, I would do it everyday if I could, but the only place closet to us would be 45 min away at Mt. Charelston. (Las Vegas)

GreenStyleMom said...

My favorite is hot yoga, but it is sometimes difficult to do it on the studio's schedule. That's why I like running. I can do it on my schedule.

Shelley Hartman said...

"I am no where good enough" was a thought that once passed through my thoughts about mt. bike racing too.
Since you live in Gunnison, I'm sure there are plenty of women who you could ride "every day" with and feel more comfortable with pace and handling skills.

I started racing back in '96 and only had guy mt. bike friends to keep up with. I just had to say to myself, "Let go of the brakes, let go of the breaks!" Today, there are sooo many women starting to race that it's more fun! I remember introducing myself before a race (I still have many of the same friends) so I convince myself that I was just out on a fun Sunday ride.

Take the challenge!

P.S. I'm glad I stumbled across your blog, I enjoyed reading it, but be careful with your "killer workout" you have planned today - don't over train!