November 9, 2009

Week 1 - Not So Good

So last week I set aside the following personal goals for the month of November:

1 - Write down everything I eat - at least 3 days a week
2 - Run 3 days a week
3 - Work on losing 2 pounds
4 - Strength train 2 days a week

Well I did not accomplish one single thing. I went for a great run on Monday, got hit with a cold and was out of commission in regards to exercise the next few days and now it is late Sunday night and I still have not worked out!

So I really need to re-focus for next week. I will let you know Tuesday night how I am doing. This is also to let you know that it is okay to screw up and get off track. Just make sure you get back on track quickly. In the long run one bad week will not mess you up, one bad month will. So to get back on track at a minimum I plan on writing down what I eat Monday and Tuesday of this week, running on Monday and strength training on Tuesday. I have a lot of other bigger goals but for those two days but I want to do them before I let say that I am going to do them.

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