November 12, 2009

Getting Back Into the Groove

After slacking off so much last week I am really getting in some good workouts.

On Monday I did the Killer Workout I blogged about yesterday and ran a total of 4 miles, then I did my arm strength training workout while I watched the girls take a bath.

On Tuesday I swam in the morning for 30 minutes and then did a hour long bike ride at lunch.

Wednesday was my best day yet. I am still a slow runner but I am getting faster than I was a year ago. I will never win a race but I will have fun. So on Wednesday at lunch I did a 5K in 29 minutes and 22 seconds my pace was 9 minutes and 28 seconds per mile! I finished my run with another 2 miles.

Today I plan on biking for a hour during lunch and tomorrow will be a morning swim, followed by a run at lunch with the Killer Workout thrown in the middle for my legs and I will have to find some time to fit in my arm and ab workout too.

Now I just wish I could get on track with my eating.

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