November 27, 2009

Biking Riding

Since I had the stomach flu over a week ago I have not exercised. It took me a week just to feel good enough to consider working out – amazing what a stomach bug does to you. Then last Thursday I fell while riding my bike. Note to all drivers (at least in Colorado) treat bicyclist as you would a car, they are NOT pedestrians, do NOT yield for them as if they are. Note to all bicyclists you must obey all laws of the road and if you get hit by a car for flying through a stop sign it is your own fault.

My case in point is last week I was pulling into the road, no cars were coming towards me, as if I was a car I made my way to the turn lane to make a left hand turn. I was signaling my turn and I was NO WHERE NEAR the cross walk. A car decides to stop in the middle of the road to allow me to go in front of her. I waived at her to get her to go and she refused. Now I have to stop and put my feet down and wait because what she does not realize is that there is a car in the other lane (two lane street) behind her and I am going to wait for that car to either stop or go. Finally the other car stops and I am upset that she just did not go and she wasted my time. I get on my bike to go and the chain fell off and I crashed hard down into the street. I picked up bike up and made a point to go to the cross walk to finish crossing the street. If that lady had not stopped everything would have been just fine because I would have been able to cross the street right after her but before the other car came. I banged up my knees and one was really swollen and bad and I could not go up and downstairs for about 2 days. Good thing our house is a ranch style house.

Ok back to not exercising I finally got a run in on Wednesday and it felt great. I did 4 miles at a pace of 10:45 or so. I did not push it I just went out and enjoyed my run. I hope to get some more runs in before the end of the week.

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Melissa said...

You poor thing!! Some people (myself included) don't know how to act around bicycles on the road. I know for me it's b/c I don't see them very often.