November 7, 2009

5 Diet Tips

Here are 5 diet tips that I find very helpful:

1. Try to eat every 3 hours. If you are getting hungry before the 3 hours are up ask yourself these questions. (i) Am I really hungry or do I just want to eat? Try chewing a piece of gym instead of eating. (ii) Am I really hungry or am I thirty? Try drinking a big glass of water first. (iii) If you decided you really are hungry wait 10 minutes and then if you are still hungry go ahead and have a small, healthy snack – a piece of fruit, a handful of almonds, a glass of milk, a piece of cheese, you get the idea.

2. Drink lots of water. If you get tired of plain water (which I do from time to time) add lemon or even those no calories Crystal Lights. I add about ¼ of a packet of Crystal Light to 32 oz of water.

3. Enjoy your favorite foods. No one says that you can never have a piece of cake, you just cannot have one every day. Give yourself one free day a week so you can enjoy your favorite foods. You will notice that on that free day you won’t go as crazy as you think you might. Also don’t have the biggest piece of cake you can find, have a smaller piece or share it.

4. Stock you kitchen and pantry with healthy food. If you are craving chips it is much harder to give into that craving if you have to get into the car, drive to the store, buy the chips, drive back home and then open up the bag to eat them.

5. Alcohol has a lot of calories. I really enjoy my evening glass of wine but that glass of wine has 120 calories. Whenever I really want to focus on my calories I do my best to skip the glass of wine. Alcohol has causes you to overeat so in addition to the extra 120 calories I tend to eat more at dinner.

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