November 20, 2009

Eat Better This Holiday Season - Diet Tips

Thanksgiving will be here next week and that starts off a season of unhealthily eating, binging, parties, drinking and no exercise. This season does not really stop until after the Superbowl. Here are some tips to think about before you go to Thanksgiving Dinner at you parent's house, or that Christmas Party.

1 - Eat Before You Go.
If you arrive at a party starving you will start eating up all the high calorie foods you can get your hands on - that is just the appetizer, you still need to have salad or soup, dinner, desert and of course the correct wine or liquor to go with that meal. Before you know it you just consumed 1000 plus calories of food.

Now instead of that try this instead. Have a large glass of water and a small snack before you leave the house. Try a small turkey sandwich, or an apple with peanut butter. Something to take the edge off. Then when you arrive at the party have a glass of water to start and instead of drinking glass after glass of wine, beer or liquor, have a glass of water after each drink. One glass of wine, one glass of water and so on. Another thing is to only fill your wine glass half full, and then drink a full glass of water.

2 - All or Nothing
I am really bad with this one. Just because you blew your diet at lunch does not mean you have to blow your diet at dinner. Keep portion sizes in check and number of servings. Have that piece of pie or cake but don't go back for seconds and keep the size in check.

3 - Watch for the Food Pushers
You know who I am talking about. They see someone with no one in their hand and they bring you something, telling you to eat up, this is the best food ever you have to try some. Have some quick lines in your head to combat this "I'm so full I cannot eat another bite." That is really good, I just had some." Or even the truth "I am watching what I am eating this holiday season - I don't want to gain five pounds like I did last year"

4 - Balance it Out
If you know you are going to a party try to eat super healthy and light that day and get in some extra exercise. This way you will have some calories to "spend" at the party. A lot of diet programs allow you to bank some extra calories from the week to use at a special event.

5 - Take Control
Instead of going to a party host your own. That way you can cook up a healthy meal and you will know exactly what is in everything. You will also be too busy hosting to gorge on all of the good food.

6 - It Pays to be Picky
During the holidays we get to eat all sorts of yummy foods that only come out once a year. Instead of eating everything, eat what you really love and ignore the rest - don't forget portion control or use super small portions, a small scoop of the mashed potatoes and a small sliver of pecan pie.

7 - Feeling Full
Remember that it takes your stomach and brain 15 to 20 minutes to talk to each and let each other know you are full. After that first plate of food, sit back, relax, talk and after 10 minutes if you are still hungry then you can have some more.

I hope this guide helps you control your eating this holiday season. What are your tips to control what you eat of the holidays?

*I got the idea for this article from If you wish to view their article click here.

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Heidi said...

Great tips!
Hope you are feeling better! I did get both of my kids vaccinated for the H1N1 flu earlier this month when it finally became available here. They need 1 more dose next month. I have felt kind of flu-ish for almost 2 weeks now, no vomitting or other symptoms, just nausea.