December 1, 2009

Skylar **Edited**

After having two kids the dogs tend to take a backseat but they are still very important members of our household. We have two dogs, Skylar and Teo.

Skylar is 11 years old and Teo will be 11 at the end of this month - so they have been around a long time. Technically Skylar is mine since I got her right before I met Joe (maybe a few months before I met Joe) and Joe got Teo shortly after we first started dating. Skylar and Teo are brother and sister to us and they were even in our wedding. Skylar is a German Shepard, Australian Shepard and Chow mix and she looks like a Dingo. Teo is a big Chocolate Lab mix. Skylar is the one who will still go on a 8 mile run with me and loves every minute of it and Teo is so lazy he gets tired after a one mile walk with me.

Last night I let the dogs outside, as I always do, when I got home from work. We do not have a fenced in yard so the roam the neighborhood just like every other dog in our neighborhood does. They do their business in our direct neighbors yard and there dogs do theirs in our yard. Teo came back inside when Joe got home with the girls. At 6pm we realized that we had not let Skylar in yet. Joe opened the door and she was right there but she was hurt. Skylar had a 4 inch gaping wound. The skin was pulled completely back. We were finally able to get a hold of a vet and Joe took her in last night. She spent the night at the vet on morphine and antibiotics. They are sewing her up this morning. She is my baby and has been around forever. I love her to death and I know everything will be just fine. The vet has not called us yet to let us know when we can pick her up - hopefully I can pick her up on my lunch hour.

We are all out of sorts without her in the house. I did not sleep much last night worrying about her and the cost of all of this. We are super tight financially so I do not need another bill right now. This morning I was up about 5:30 and I came out into the living room and I saw Teo on a blanket and at first I thought it was Sky. Also Teo was out of sorts and he was spending more time being close to us. Normally he does his own thing.

I will let you know how she is once I know.

I went to see Skylar on my lunch hour and she is doing good. She does have a lot more stitches than I thought she would and they sewed up some muscle but no ligaments or tendons were torn. They had her resting on a bed of towels and she was not in a kennel at that time which made me feel good. She was excited to see me and I felt bad leaving her. We will get to take her home tomorrow.


Bonnie said...

Oh I hope she's all better soon. That must have been scary seeing her injured like that. Do you know what happened. We have dog named Skylar also. I had never heard of another dog with that name. She is an Italian Greyhound that just turned 1 yesterday.

Hope everything works out and not too expensive! I can relate to that!

Melissa said...

I hope she is better soon! Do you have any idea what happened?