December 15, 2009

Trailhead Discovery Museum

Since we had kids Joe is the one who goes skiing while I stay with the girls. Skiing is much more important to Joe than it is to me. I would rather go cross country skiing, running, hiking or whatever. Also since we both work full time the only time Joe has to go skiing is on the weekends. Some of those weekends I head up with Joe and the girls and while he goes skiing I do my best to keep the girls busy. It is hard because it is so cold outside and I wish Crested Butte Mountain Resort had an indoor play area (like the kind you see in malls now) for the girls to play in. Well my prayers have been answered.

The Trailhead Discovery Museum opened its doors this winter. There is a coloring table, art projects, painting section, puppets, the dark room, indoor play ground and a dig pit. It is perfect for the girls because they can both keep themselves busy for hours while Joe goes skiing. The Trailhead is hoping to open a bigger museum in downtown Crested Butte next year. The only downside is the price. They charge $6.00 per person, adults included. I know that they are trying to raise money and it is a tourist town but it would be nice if local parents would not get charged. Even with the price I plan on spending at least one day a month here with the girls.


Anonymous said...

I visited the Trailhead Children's Museum a few times over the Holidays and there were wonderful activities for the kids, and I must admit I had fun too! I can't wait to go back next time we head to crested butte for a ski vacation!

The Trailhead said...

Hi Tiffany!

I'm so glad you had fun at The Trailhead! We have a had such a great time with the holiday-season rush, and look forward to seeing you and your kids soon! We really do love our local members and try to accommodate them in the best way possible, which is why we offer a membership for the whole season. You might consider this option since numerous visits can indeed be a bit pricey, but let us also offer you 4 free passes for your friends in the Gunni area. Just let us know next time you drop by!!

Thanks for your support and your kind words! See you soon!
Katie and the Trailhead Crew