May 3, 2010

April Miles

Since Tall Mom started her 1000 mile challenge I have been trying and failing to get in the 83.5 miles of running each month. This month I did it!! 85.58 miles!!! I really did not want to run on Friday because it was cold and windy oustide but I only had to do a mile or so to hit 83.5. My year todate total is 273.02 and I am short by 60.13 miles.

I am hosting a challenge that starts Monday morning that challenges you to run 175 miles in 7 weeks or 25 miles per week. Hopefully this challenge will help get my weekly miles and also acculmate some so I can reach the goal of 1000 miles for 2010. I need to get as many miles in this summer and early fall so when it gets super cold outside I can sit back and relax some.

Click here to check out the challenge and sign up!


GreenStyleMom said...

I'm going to kick off the challenge by running 10 miles today. Didn't do my long run over the weekend because of the snow that we got also!

Melissa said...

Fantastic mileage. Maybe one day I'll get there. :)