May 15, 2010

This should make you feel better about yourself....

Kathie Lee and Hoda showed up on the Today Show with no make up. You can watch the segment here. I have to admit that seeing them with no make up made me feel better. Sorry Kathie Lee and Hoda! Lately, I have been noticing the signs of aging all over my face - and I am only 31! You see all of these people on TV, many who are older than me who look GREAT. I know they have make up on and can afford all of skin treatments they want but to see what they really look like was a boost. Now if I could just first find time to put make up, figure out how to do it and then be able to afford all they put on I would look just as good as they do!


funderson said... look great! Nice to meet you this weekend. What a lovely day we had!

Heidi said...

I don't usually watch that show, but happened to catch it that day too. I was amazed to see how they really looked without make-up, and yes, it made me feel better!