May 12, 2010

Beginner Runner Wednesday

I love running. I really do. It is my escape, my way to connect with myself, me time, and it burns a lot of calories quickly. Because of my love for running I want to turn everyone I meet into a runner, especially if you say you cannot run because I will quickly tell you that almost everyone can run.

I was not always a runner. My mom says as a kid I was the couch potato with my head in a book eating a bag of chips. No wonder I was a chubby kid!! I started running when I went to college. The gym was 100 yards from my dorm room and I had an enclosed walkway so no excuses. I started running slowly on the treadmill and eventually I was able to run one mile without stopping. So if I can do it you can to!

For all of you non-runners that are thinking about starting here are a couple of benefits of running:

1 - Walking or running you burn about 100 calories per mile. Now do you want to get that mile done in 20 minutes or 10 minutes?
2 - Cardio. Walking is good for you, but if you want to get a good heart pumping working out you need to bump that walk into a run. They have proven that for good heart health you need 30 minutes of heart pumping cardio 5 times a week.
3 - Lose some weight. With all this running you are bound to lose weight.
4 - ME TIME! Many moms and dads have trouble finding time for themselves. Set aside 20 minutes, 3 times a week for you and only you. Or you and your best friend - no kids.

Now if I have convinced you to start running you are now thinking how. We will start nice and slow.

Your goal for the next week is to run/walk three times for a total of 20 minutes. Start by walking for 5 minutes to warm up. No slow pokes, get those legs moving. At 5 minutes I want you to run slowly - no sprinting just get use to running - for 30 seconds and then walk for 1 minute and repeat. Do this for 10 minutes. Then walk the last 5 for your cool down and you are done. Now was that so hard.

Check back next Wednesday for your next running workout.

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