May 14, 2010

Nourished Kitchen

I have a great opportunity to bring everyone. My friend Jen is the author of the Nourished Kitchen website Take a minute to check out her website. Jen's website is about getting back to the basics of food, no preservatives, no junk, no fillers, just real natural food. She is an amazing cook. I have enjoyed every single meal she has ever cooked for me (except for the liver but come on it was liver!)

Jen has received quite a bit of press regarding her website as well. Check out her list here. She was even featured in the Washington Post.

Jen and her husband Kevin are also responsible creating the Crested Butte Farmer's Market. They have seen it grown each year. I know because I don't get to see her as much during the summer because the Farmer's Market keeps them super busy.

Nourished Kitchen features great information, recipes, how-to's and so much more. Jen also has recipe cards you can subscribe to. The recipe cards are very nice, sturdy and with the pictures of food on them pieces of art. I would highly recommend these cards.

Jen has now added another feature to her website, an online cooking class. She is offering 12 cooking classes for $120.00. Here is a list of what she will cover:

Lesson #1: What is Real Food & Where to Find It
Lesson #2: Eat Whole Grain
Lesson #3: Homemade Sourdough Bread
Lesson #4: Homemade Salad Dressings
Lesson #5: Prepare Seasonal Vegetables
Lesson #6: Make Real Pickles
Lesson #7: Roasted & Slow-cooked Meats
Lesson #8: Stocks, Broths & Soups
Lesson #9: Easy Homemade Yogurt & Cheese
Lesson #10: Soda & Soft Drink Alternatives
Lesson #11: Naturally Sweet Desserts
Lesson #12: Menus & Meal Planning

To find out more information about her cooking classes please follow this link.

Jen has taught me a lot about cooking and there is so much more she can teach you.

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Stephanie said...

What a great line-up of classes! I think I'd want to take Lesson #5, Lesson #7, and Lesson #12 most of all. :)