April 16, 2009

Stress Fracture - Maybe

I have been noticing some pain in my left foot around my toes while running. Not enough pain to stop but just to take notice of it. When I did my 8 mile run two weeks ago at the end my toes were sore like I had been running downhill for miles and were pushed against the front of my shoe (this is the first time I had noticed this type of pain and I have been wearing these shoes for a month or two so I know that my shoes fit). Then on Sunday I felt some pain again while running but not much. When I hit mile 9 of my 10 mile run the tip of my middle toe really hurt and I would feel it as I put my foot down. So for the last mile I was careful how I want landing my foot but still running. On Monday of this week I decided to go to the doctor to have him check it out. He took an X-ray to see if there was a stress fracture and nothing showed up but he did say that even though it is not showing up does not mean that it is not there. He said to reduce my miles and if I am running and it hurts to stop and if it does not start getting better then to call him back. The doctor did not want to do an MRI because that is a lot of money and I don't want to spend it if I don't have to.

So now I am stuck in a spot. My foot still feels the same as it did on Monday, it is not getting worse in pain, nor is it getting any better. It hurts and is sore most of the day, walking normally does not bother it, but it does get sore from standing on my feet for a long time. I did not run on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday I went out on a slow and easy trail run. I did 1.3 miles and I felt my foot but it was not painful. Today I did 2 miles and I ran faster and I felt it more and it is more sore now than before my run but not so bad that I need to stop. Tomorrow instead of doing 4 or 5 miles I am going to go for a 3 mile run and see how that feels. I wish either my foot would stop hurting or at least feel better or just get worse so I know what is wrong.

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