April 6, 2009

Running and No Back Pain

I am so glad that so far I am running with NO back pain! I did 8 miles yesterday and felt great. My hips, IT bands and legs were tight at the end but I stretched out and felt great all evening and today. Today I did one fast mile (9:21 pace - fast for me) and then I biked for 2 miles and still felt great. I hope the back pain in behind me and I am going to keep stretching.

My feet are still bothering me - some days more than others - some mornings more than others. I have been keeping a tennis ball at my desk and work and I will roll that around twice a day and that feels so good and really helps get out any tightness I was feeling in my feet. 25K in May - Here I come!!

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Carrie said...

Yeah!! that is great you are pain free! isn't it nice?! My knee has been hurting during my long runs, but I run through it. My orthodics came in the other day at the PT place so hopefully once I get them the knee pain will go away! keep running!!