April 21, 2009

Red House

We have decided to move back into the red house. The house we are currently renting is under contract and closing on May 14th. The renters who were under a lease option decided they need a bigger house (I thought 4 bedrooms and 2000 square feet would be enough!) but they also have a house in Colorado Springs that has not sold as well. The renters are moving out at the end of April so it is perfect timing for everything.
I really have enjoyed many things about our rental, forced heat with a programmable thermostat, great windows, 3 houses down from preschool, fairly new, less than one mile to work, 1/2 mile to the grocery store and rec center.
But there are MANY things that I love and do miss about the red house, privacy, large/HUGE yard, river, large kitchen, personality, beautiful yard. I cringe every time the girls go outside in our current back yard to play. It is dirt and just awful. I can't wait until they are running around the beautiful lawn that Joe has spent many hours getting perfect and playing in their sandbox. I will have to keep a VERY close eye on Lily because she is an explorer - Lily will be outside before I can count to 2.
My biggest reason for not wanting to move back into the red house is how expensive the mortgage is. It has been great financially. I did tell Joe that he is going to have to work hard at either selling houses this summer or finding a part time job. I am already cleaning his office on the weekends and doing some of their books part time. I am also not looking forward to winter in that house because it is colder and since it is bigger that means it takes a lot more time to clean.
I really can't wait to grow my summer garden in a spot just a few feet away from this picture. Lettuce, carrots, garlic, onions and potatoes.


Stephanie said...

What a lovely house...and an even prettier landscape! I love all that greenery (it's a bit foreign to me as a native Arizonan...LOL). :)

Bonnie said...

My boys would love this house, the big yard and stream!!! It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This house is a dream. What a wonderful home.