April 5, 2009

8 Miles - Feeling Great

Today I headed out for an 8 mile run. It was great and I felt strong the whole time. My average pace wwas 11 minutes and 25 seconds. This is a little bit slower than what I was running on my long runs about 2 months ago but this time I had some big hills. Since I did an out and back I had a 1 mile climb each way. The first time I climb the hill I was fresh and feeling great so it went much faster than on the way back. I also tried a little bit of trail running but this really slowed me down due to the trail being way to wet and muddy and in one part so steep I had to walk up it!

I had a great time and loved it. I even enjoyed getting snowed on at the end!

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Fit Mommy said...

Wow. Still snow? It's April!! It's ya know, like, 70 degrees daily here with tons of sun. Good job on the run.