April 27, 2009

Mikayla is Turning 4

Mikayla will be 4 on May 7th and Joe and I have only talked a little bit about what we should get her for her birthday.

When she turned two we got her this:She hardly rides it and says she has trouble peddling it.

When she turned 3 her grandparents got her this:

Which loves and she goes on all of the time. Even in the winter when she needs snow pants, boots, hat and mittens on. Her and Joe spend a lot of time jumping the evenings away.

We have considered getting her this for her 4th birthday:

But I really don't think she is ready for her first bike yet. She tried to ride a friend's bike a few weeks ago and did not like the peddling part and quickly gave up.

We are considering this:

At preschool they have scotters and she loves riding them around the playground.

We are considering this:
As I was looking for the bike trailer above for Mikayla I found this for Lily:

I would love to have the bike setup with Mikayla on the back and Lily in the front.

Finally as I was cruising around around Amazon.com I found some Arts and Crafts for Mikayla. She loves coloring, stamps, drawing, making necklaces - any kind of art project that I bring home she is all over. I found this:

Also, I love Melissa and Doug products. They are high quality for a great price. I found this stamp set.

Or this puzzle. We have an undersea puzzle like this and love it.I do have to decided very quickly what I am going to get for her birthday because it is next Thursday! Oh boy - what am I going to do.

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