September 28, 2008

Trail 401 Crested Butte

This weekend Joe took care of the kids and I went and did Trail 401 in Crested Butte. It was wonderful and it has been a long time since I went mountain biking. Of course I am riding my mountain bike every day around town but that is no where near the same as mountain biking.

A friend of mine went with me and it was a 3 hour ride round trip. We parked at Rustler's Gulch and started up the road. As soon as we started riding we had a STEEP hill to climb - great way to get the heart pounding. It was only about 3 miles of rough, steep jeep road but it took us about 40 minutes! We passed beautiful Emerald Lake and then shortly after that we reached the top of Schofield Pass at 10,707 feet.

Then the fun begins - single track. We had a very technical and steep climb. The first part was through the evergreen trees and the second part was high alpine. The second part of the climb was not as steep - but still a workout - and not as many rocks. I LOVED that last uphill climb - you just have to power through it. I really enjoy a good climb over the downhill - I know I am weird. That section took another 40 minutes or so.

The last section is ALL downhill for about 45 minutes. There are many points that you really don't want to look down past the trail because if you fall you are going rolling down the entire mountain. The whole way was beautiful, the aspens are bright yellow, the dry fall air, the crisp day - it was wonderful! The ride was great.

Here is a video I found on You Tube that is trail 401 to give you an idea of the downhill.

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