September 30, 2008

I have some work to do!

On Monday night I decided to run 2 miles to see how long it would take. Every other time I run I normally go for time and estimate how many miles I run. The reason for that is that I often go trail running instead of street running. Well let's just say I need some work!

I ran the 2 miles in 24 minutes which for some people is not bad and I normally estimate that I am running a 12 minute mile. The bad part is that I was really trying to get it done faster and I was pushing myself to run harder. At the end of the run my heart and lungs felt like I pushed myself more than I normally do.

Oh well, at least I know where I am and where I need to go. I would love to average a 10 minute mile. There is a 5K coming up this weekend that I am going to do so it will be interesting to see how long that takes me.


Anonymous said...

Tiff, I comment you for your effort. I know with two little girls and a full time job it's difficult to find the time, so no wonder you are out of shape, but keep on working on it, and you will get there. Mom

Carrie said...

Good luck with your 5k this weekend! I am sure it will go great! Just keep up the hard work and you will get there!!