September 14, 2008

Kansas City - edited

Last week the girls and I took a week long trip to Kansas City, where I am from. I have not been back to KC in 2 1/2 years so it was time. (My parents and sister still live there but they are nice enough to come out here to see us all of the time.)

We arrived on Saturday and Lily decided that seperation anxiety and stranger anxiety was going to happen now. This meant that Lily refused to be held by anyone other than me.

Sunday morning was a quick trip to Target (It is a good thing we don't live near one because I would be spending way too much money there), then Church. Mikayla was excellent during Church, playing quietly. Lily and I on the other hand were walking in the back trying to get Lily to sleep.

Kansas City has really grown since I was there. There is a new area in Kansas City, KS with a Nebraska Furniture Mart, Cabelas, a hotel with a huge water park (but you have to stay at the hotel to play), the Kansas Speedway race track and an outdoor outlet shopping center called Legends . The Legends was pretty cool but it was so hot that day. I made a comment to my mom, why build an outdoor shopping mall in Kansas when you can only use it for a few months in the spring and a few months in the fall.

On Tuesday my sister and I took the kids to the zoo. First off we almost did not go. Her baby, Jake (month) and Lily decided they both nedded a nap and decided to scream and cry themsleves to sleep. This was the first time I had heard Jake through a fit. Normally he fusses a bit and my sister gives him the boob and he is fine but not this time. Jake finally fell asleep and it took many "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Rock a Bye Baby" to get her to sleep. My sister was laughing at how silly this whole thing was. We made it to the zoo and it was HOT. Hardly anyone was there, which was great but it was HOT. We only saw a small part of the zoo but Mikayla had lots of fun and all the kids fell asleep in the car on the way home.

On Wednesday the girls and I were on our own and it rained all day long. It was nice to have a quite day because the girls and I needed a real long nap.

On Thursday it was raining again and Mikayla could not understand why it was still raining. In Colorado we are lucky to have rain for an hour. Mikayla kept saying she did not like it raining and she needed a rain hat, rain jacket, rain pants and rain boots!

Friday we went shopping with my mom and out to dinner with the whole family.

I forgot what we did on Thursday and Friday but my mom reminded me we went to the Deana Rose Farmstead.
This is a great petting zoo that I went to as a kid. Mikayla fed the goats, the geese, petted the sheep, milked a fake cow, ran through a tee-pee and had tons of fun. She also rode her first pony and loved it. She can't wait to ride another horse again.

Saturday we headed home. Our flight left KC at 6:30am and the airport is 45minutes away. We did get home at 9:30am which was nice. But boy was I exhausted. Lily decided to not sleep and between Thursday and Friday night I got about 9 hours of sleep total. Saturday night I fell alseep while reading to Mikayla. I woke up and both of us were sleeping in her bed.


GreenStyleMom said...

What fun that you got away for a trip. Sounds like fun, and I hope you are getting back to your routine.

Anonymous said...

What! You left out the Deanna Rose Farmstead, and Mikayla riding a Pony! I miss you and the girls. Love, Mom