September 29, 2008

100 Miles

Could you image propelling yourself forward for 100 miles straight? And no I do not mean in a car. This weekend while I went mountain biking there was a 100 mile mountain bike race in and around Crested Butte. This is a race just like the Leadville 100 that Lance Armstrong took second place in. I must say that Armstrong took second place to guy from Gunnison.

Maybe I should get in some 100 mile mountain bike races before I complete my ultimate goal which is the Ironman in Hawaii. I love watching it every year and every year I want to go out and do it for myself. My sprint triathlon challenge will the first in many and I hope to say one day that I completed the Ironman. If only dreams do come true.

For now I am going to keep track of my daily biking and running miles to see how many miles I complete in the course of a week, month and year.

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