September 19, 2008

Triathlon Challenge

I really want to do a triathlon but it seems as if it might never happen. As everyone knows I live in a small, remote mountain town in Colorado. There is a triathlon every year in Crested Butte, but I am NOT ready for that. Mostly because my mountain biking skills are not up to par anymore. You have to be able to mountain bike intermediate to expert and at this stage in my life I am back down to beginner. There is another triathlon that I have really considered in Montrose but I am not going to be ready for it this year - it is less than 3 weeks away. So I have decided to host a Blog Sprint Triathlon Challenge. We will all train together over the course of 6 weeks and then we will all do our triathlon together in our own cities and blog about how well you did. (One exception is that in November it can get SUPER cold here - we are talking -25. So if that is the case we might change weekends - or if the weather in your town is awful we can move it back a weekend.)

I would like to start the challenge on September 27th - that will give everyone a week and a half to spread the news. We will start slowly the first two weeks by getting use to the swimming (1/4 mile or 400 meters), the biking (20K or 12 miles) and the running (5K or 3.1 miles). In week 3 we will start to add weight training and weekly challenges and in weeks 4 and 5 we will add longer runs, longer bike rides, longer swims and blocks. A block is where you do two activities back to back - such as bike ride then run. Week 6 will be a fairly easy week and then we do the challenge on November 8th

Are you ready!!!

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