September 15, 2008


Mikayla started preschool last week and she goes Monday - Thursday mornings. I pick her up afterschool spend a little bit of time with her and then take her to daycare. She has not been transitioning from preschool to daycare well at all. Today was the worst. After tons of kisses and hugs Eric, her babysitter, had to pick her up and take her away as I left listening to her cry out for me and of course I started crying in the car. I hated the fact that I had to go back to work instead of taking her home with me.

What do you recommend to make this transition easier? I am even considering taking her out of preschool except she LOVES preschool. Also when she gets to daycare it is lunch time and then nap time so I think the fact that she is going to be playing anytime soon is hard as well.

Last week I would go inside at daycare and set her down for lunch, say hi to Lily and there were some tears and lots of hugs and kisses but today was much worst. Today I even decided to stay right inside the door instead of going inside hoping to make the transition easier. I even prep her before we go to daycare, once we get there but not inside - I just don't know what else to do.

I need help and advice - what should I do? Maybe she is too young for preschool - I just don't know.


Carrie said...

Sorry I haven't gotten to comment recently...and still need to answer your email. I have not been through this before, but my friend Kelly recently had a similar situation with her son who is also 3 and was going to preschool for the 1st time and had the same crying issues. She just kept taking him and dropping him off and then leaving, and it took about 3 weeks, but he finally stopped crying when she dropped him off, he just needed time to adjust. Hopefully that is the same case with Mikayla. Good Luck!! I am sure it must be so hard to leave her crying like that!

Debbie Yost said...

My first question would be how does she do after you leave? Does she keep crying for a long period of time or stop pretty quickly? I used to run a daycare and I can tell you most of the kiddos would stop within a minute of their parents leaving. Once they figured out mom was not staying then they gave up the fight. I can't really think of any that cried for an extended period of time. I've also been on the mom side of it and in both respects, I find a quick goodbye in these type of situations can be better. Not rushed, but the longer you stick around the harder it can be. Don't sneak out whatever you do. It is best for her to say goodbye even if it's through tears. Try not to get too upset about her. I think somewhat she is trying to see what she can get away with.

If you have a good daycare, I would take comfort in knowing she is well cared for. If she's happy most of the time other than the goodbye then I'd try to relax a little. If you aren't stressed, then she will be calmer.

Hope this helps. Good luck. I know it's no fun having them cry when you leave and I've made many a trip to work crying my eyes out.