March 25, 2010

Run When You Can

In order to make ends meat I have three jobs. I work a full time job as a paralegal, I am a bookkeeper for a property management company and I also clean for the same property management company. The nice thing about doing the books and the cleaning is that I can do it on my own time. Sometimes I use my lunch hour to do the books or a part of a cleaning job.

That is what happened on Tuesday this week. I really wanted to get some running in so I did it in three different segements. Durning my lunch hour I managed to run a 1/2 mile on my way from work to a cleaning job, did most of the cleaning job, then managed to run another 1 mile or so and finally made it back to work on time. Then after work I did another 2.5 miles and was able to finish the day with a total of 4.1 miles. I don't breaking my runs up but sometimes as a busy working momyou just have to adjust your schedule to get some running time in. I did remember how much I use to love running after work, but with kid that is next to impossible for me. Luckily on most days I can run a full hour on my lunch break.

Today I do plan on running to a house, spraying the oven down, finishing my run and then after the kids are in bed heading back to that house to finish cleaning it. Now if only all of this cleaning would help me lose a pound or two I would be set!

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