March 11, 2010

I'm Ready for Some Trail Running

I am getting sick and tired of running the good ol' streets of Gunnison. Gunnison is not a very big town so I have probably run every street in town at least once, if not 10 times this past winter. The trails are calling me but yet they are not ready to be run on. I tried today. I got to the closet trail to work and I had three different ways to go, I choose to go straight up this HUGE hill because the was the only way that was snow free. Big mistake because the hill was so big I ended up walking most of it and then I had more snow on top, so much that I could not run I walked it. I finally wound my way down and then I found a short 0.20 trail with NO snow! It was so much fun and I LOVED it. Well then I was done and had to do some more boring miles on the road and in the wind.

Winter I am OVER you and snow - I want you MELTED NOW!!

Unfortunately I have at least one month, maybe 2 more to go because all of the trails are ready to really be run on.

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