March 4, 2010

Asics Gel Trail Sensor 2

With my 2009 tax refund I decided to spend a little bit of that money on new running shoes. These shoes are at least 2 months overdue but due to no money I have not bought a new pair yet. I went to our local store, Treds N Threads. This is an outdoor clothing store. I really wish we had a specialty running shop in town but we don’t and I would have to travel to Denver or Colorado Springs to find one.

I spent about 30 minutes one day and another 20 minutes another day trying to find the perfect shoe. I narrowed it down to two pairs and I decided to buy the Asics Gel Trail Sensor 2. The woman told me there were the Cadillac of Asics and they were on sale for $88.00. I really liked how cushioned they were and I could see a nice easy, soft long run in my future so I bought them.

Now, three runs into it I am not so sure. My first run was about 3 miles and I noticed pain on the top of my foot and I just figured they were tied to tight so I stopped to loosen the laces and then I loosened them too much. Once I took those shoes off I immediately noticed pain on top of my foot. Now after 3 runs I am dealing with pain the day after a run. I have been running every other day to avoid pain during my run.

I did an online search and everyone else loves them, while I am starting to hate them. I can pin point the part of the shoe where the pain is coming from and it is a spot where the laces are different than normal shoes. I wish I had noticed this before I bought them.

I am hoping I just need to break these in some more because I really cannot afford to go and get a new pair. I am starting to hate running shoes!


Anonymous said...

There is a place in Overland Park that Josh goes to get his running shoes. He really likes them and they seem pretty knowledgable. We can go there if you want when you are home.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that is not good! Runner's World suggested that I buy the Asics Gels as well based on my running style. I have always worn Nikes and never had a problem, which is why I am reluctant to switch brands.

I hope your problem is just a matter of breaking in the shoe. Our chain running store, Luke's Locker, lets you return shoes up to 30 days after purchase.

Wishing you comfy feet!

Dimity and Sarah said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear about your shoe/foot good. I hope they get broken in or your shop takes them back. Seriously, bring them back and ask if you can exchange if they continue to give you problems.