March 16, 2010

HGTV 2010 Dream Home

Does anyone recognize this picture? If so, it is probably because you entered the HGTV 2010 Dream Home Giveaway. I was entering every single day and I was determined that I was going to win. I was going to change my blog to New Mexico Mama and unlike every other dream home winner we were going to live there. I love the idea of New Mexico, especially after dealing with the cold, cold winters of Gunnison.

Well, since my blog's name is still Colorado Mama it was not meant to be and someone else one. I was hoping until the last minute that they would show up in our driveway or at work to tell us we won.

Still, how cool would it have been to live in this house. Wide, open beautiful views of the mountain, mild winters, the parents and in-laws have their own space, 6 miles of trails around the neighborhood, and a big city less than an hour away. Perfect! Maybe we will have to move to the area anyway!

1 comment:

GreenStyleMom said...

LOL!! I was having the same daydreams. Guess if I haven't heard from them, I didn't win either...