November 27, 2008


Before you look at the rest of the picture let me ask you - Lily or Mikayla?
About a month ago we hiked up to the beaver ponds. It was a wonderful fall hike.

Lily was along for the ride!

Good thing it was a short hike because that is all Teo is good for.

Sorry I don't have better Halloween pictures. Mikayla was Tigger and Lily was a pumpkin.

The girls and their daddy.

Happy Girl

On our way to the playground.

The next few pictures are where I go when things get stressful or Gunnison is too cold. For our honeymoon we went to Hawaii. Come back and visit the next few pictures the next time it is cold, snowing, icy and a miserable day in your neck of the woods.


Carrie said...

cute pictures!! do you have side by side pictures of Mikayla and Lily from when they were the same age? I wonder how much they looked alike?

Rachel said...

Very cute pictures!!

If it rains in CA it makes the news...would love a little cold once and a while.

Enjoy your winter training!

Stephanie said...

Colorado is such a beautiful place. But I don't envy your cold wintertime weather. :)

workout mommy said...

oh, your pictures are awesome and make me which I could go back to Colorado!

Thank you for sharing the Hawaii pictures too, that water looks fantastic!