November 4, 2008

Marathon Training

One of my personal goals is to complete a marathon and I really think I want to start training for this but I am just scared that I don’t have what it takes.

I have been running for 10 years now and my longest run has been 8.7 miles and that was a few years ago. The biggest reason I think that I don’t have what it takes is that I am having trouble finding time to run. I use to run during my lunch break but now I do the transfer from Mikayla’s preschool to daycare during my lunch break. I was also trying to get some runs in right after work but now I won’t be able to do any runs longer than 20 minutes or so because it is getting dark so early. I might try to get up before work and run but that is hit or miss because I never know if Lily is going to have a good night or a bad night.There is a trail marathon about 2 hours from here at the end of May and I think it would be wonderful to do that marathon. I enjoy trail running MUCH more than street running and since it is in May I would have plenty of time to get ready for it.


Carrie said...

I definitely think you can do it! Most of the marathon training programs out there are 12 weeks and you have way over 12 weeks. oh and they all incorporate long runs on the weekends, so you should be able to pull those off right? Why not just give it a try and see how far you get by 12 weeks out and then go from there.

Lis Garrett said...

Good luck!!

I have a hard time finding time, too, but it really IS difficult when you have little ones around. Just do what you can do. :-)