November 10, 2008

Marathon Training - Week 1 - Excellent!!!

This past week I did a total of 3 runs and all of them were great. On Wednesday morning I got up early and ran 4.2 miles. It was cold and wonderful! Then on Friday I did my normal lunch time run and I fit in a full 60 minutes and I ran approximately 5.6 miles. Sunday was my long run. I ran 67 minutes for an approximate 6.1 miles.

The reason I started running was that it was a fast way to burn calories. It was something that I hated doing but I did it anyway to get in shape and lose some weight. Now I am finding myself really enjoying my runs, even the hard uphills I am enjoying. I find myself at the end of a run when I am tired, smiling and singing along to the song on my Ipod.

I am getting tired of estimating my miles and it is hard since I am trail running mostly. So I talked my mom into getting me my Christmas present early. I had originally asked for a heart rate monitor for my birthday and my parents sent me a check and told me to find my own! So I asked mom to send me more money for Christmas now and I bought the Garmin Forerunner 305. I found it at for $195 instead of the $299!! I have spent the last week looking for the perfect heart rate monitor and I ended up with the Garmin because not only does tell me my heart rate but it will also tell me EXACTLY how far I have run using GPS and my pace. Right now I am estimating I am running an 11 minute mile but since I am trail running I really have no idea.

My first week of training went great but I HAVE a long way to go. Until January my plan is to focus on increasing my miles in 3 to 4 runs a week. Since I ran a total of 15.9 miles last week I going for 17.5 miles this week during a total of 4 runs.

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