November 6, 2008

Food From Scratch

We all know that when you buy food at the grocery store it contains a lot of junk you don't need. Such as bread. Why on earth do they put high fructose corn syrup or add sugar to bread? So I have been busy making some food we eat on a daily basis from scratch.

I make our bread from scratch. It is whole wheat and yummy. I have figured out if I add 1/2 cup of white flour and the rest is whole wheat it comes out perfect. Joe told me to never buy bread again and I have to make all of our own!

I am also making our yogurt with a yogurt maker. I would get so upset at how high the sugar content is in yogurt from the store so I make our own and mix it with some store yogurt and now we get half of the sugar it is yummy.

Another big ticket item is the rice or pasta mixes for dinner. Joe has been making his own pasta mixes for a while and last night he got the whole grain brown rice to come out perfect with just a dab of olive oil, rosemary, basil and other spices. No more rice mixes for this house!


Carrie said...

can you post the bread recipe? Is it easy? I have never tried to make bread before.

Cathy said...

I bought a used bread maker from Craigslist and have been making bread too. I can't believe there's high fructose corn syrup in most breads.

Rachel said...


I have bread maker but got lazy and haven't used it in a while. I struggled with getting the recipe right.

Good for you on the yogurt maker! I just buy plain greek yogurt and add agave nectar to sweeten. Tastes great.

Heidi said...

Just found this blog last wk. we are going to move to Colorado in 3 yrs. & 11 months (yes I am counting down) when my husband gets out of the airforce. We had hoped for Colorado as our last move but it wasn't an option, so we are now in Las vegas. We lived in North Pole, Alaska before Las Vegas. Can you please post how you made the yogurt? I am also interested in making my own. I am also going to start using my bread maker more again. It is a shame everything they add to our foods. My nephew can't have anything with Red dye #40, it is in so many things that you wouln't even suspect it to be in! Great blog!