November 18, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

Carrie at Newlywed Girl tagged me and it has taken me awhile to get to this post. The biggest reason is that I am having trouble thinking about 7 random things about me.

1. I never liked exercise as a kid and I never ran a mile until I was in college. Now I can do 6 miles and now I enjoy running and exercise.

2. As a kid my family would travel to Colorado all the time in the summer. I always wanted to live in Colorado but I never wanted to live in Gunnison. Now I live in Gunnison!

3. I am an anally clean person.

4. I love to read.

5. I want our next two dogs to a pug and a HUGE dog like a English Mastiff, Berense Mountain Dog, or Great Pyrenees.

6. When I daydream I see myself 15 to 20 pounds less, and a girl who runs marathons, does ironman triathlons, and can keep up with the boys on a killer mountain bike ride.

7. I really want to travel one day - Africa, Asia, Australia, Iceland, the Caribbean - everywhere.

I am tagging (but don't feel like you have to):

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Cathy said...

That's great you live in Gunnison! Cold but so beautiful. I always wanted to run a marathon. I hope to someday, but it's hard to commit to that kind of training.

Red Lotus Mama said...

Thanks so much for reading regularly and commenting! Please keep visiting!

By the way ... I am going to steal this meme for my post on Monday!

Stephanie said...

I love to read too - fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biography, anything. But I haven't been doing much of that lately. Unless, of course, you count reading children's books over and over and over again... :)