December 4, 2007

Some People Are Just Crazy!!

As you know I live in Gunnison, Colorado and boy does it get cold here. This winter and even last winter has been unseasonably warm. This time of year you can normally expect the temperatures to be -25 in the morning - or close to that. It has just recently gotten cold but nothing close to the -25. In the morning it is between 5 and 10 and then it warms up to a cold 30ish degrees. To me this means, pants, heavy sweaters, puffy jackets, etc... I normally do not wear a hat and gloves if I am just running errands.

Well - back to the title of this blog entry yesterday I saw one person walking around town in a short sleeve shirt. At first I thought maybe she cannot afford a jacket, but then why wear short sleeves. The I noticed that she was walking a few blocks and it even looked like the cold was not bothering her. I would have had my arms crossed and been rubbing my arms to stay warm. Not her she looked liked she was enjoying a nice walk in the spring or fall! Then later yesterday I saw someone wearing shorts!

I guess some people are just crazy - or at least they look crazy to me!


GreenStyleMom said...

Pure craziness! I went to school in Minnesota with a guy from Alaska. He always prided himself on wearing shorts year round except for the very coldest of days. Crazy!

Lis Garrett said...

Before moving to New York, I had lived in the south most of my life. I was astonished when I saw people here walking around in summer clothes when it was *only* in the 60's. I think I've developed a thick skin, though. That feels like summer compared to the 11-degree, snowy weather we had yesterday!