December 10, 2007

2 Year Old Chores

As Mikayla is getting older she wants to do what mommy is doing. Here is a list of chores that she helps mommy with and she actually gets upset sometimes if I do them without asking for her help.

1 - Make her bed
2 - Make Mommy and Daddy's bed
3 - She puts her socks, panties, PJ's and daddy's socks away on her own.
4 - She folds the kitchen towels and puts them away.
5 - Picks up her toys, this takes encouraging because usually when the toys get picked up it is time for bed.
6 - She also loves to help mommy cook in the kitchen.
7 - She feeds the dogs. She knows they get 2 scoops and where to put the food down for each dog.
8 - She also lets the dogs inside and outside but needs lots of help turning the door handle.

Mikayla is becoming a great little helper - let's see how long this lasts! What does your little one do around the house to help out?


Lis Garrett said...

You just about have to twist the arms of my older two to help. Even as little ones, they NEVER wanted to help. But Bridget LOVES helping. Everything is, "me do it!" especially when we are in the kitchen.

Carrie said...

Is Mikayla for hire? I could use a little helper around the house. Feeding 3 dogs and letting them in and out is a lot of work...she'd get to do a lot around my house! :) Too cute. Just hope it keeps up when the baby is here. I am sure it will...but I am sure it will also change into wanting to help with everything that you are doing for her little sister too!

AmyBow said...

This is just wonderful. You are starting a wonderful trend - and she doesn't even ask for reward for doing these things! Hopefully "allowance" will not become a part of her vocab any time soon.

GreenStyleMom said...

I am so impressed! My kids don't do nearly that much, but we are working on it. They set the table, clear the table, put away silverware and their tableware from the dishwasher, and sometimes help with laundry. I've been thinking about making a chore chart for them.