December 28, 2007


Yep - You read that right it was -22 this morning at 7:15am. So far this winter we have been very lucky normally we see a week of this type of weather around Thanksgiving but this is the coldest is has been this winter so far. Ever since we had that big snowstorm it has been cloudy and snowing lightly almost every day. Not enough snow to count just light flurries but with the cloud cover it has kept us warmer, around -5 in the morning warming up to about 10. This morning when I woke up I noticed how blue the sky was and not a cloud it sight (I thought this was wonderful because we have not seen much blue sky in the past few weeks and that in of itself is really odd for Gunnison - we average over 300 days of sunshine a year.) Then I thought if the sky is that blue it is pretty darn cold outside and sure enough it was -22! I have forgotten how hard it is to breath outside when it is that cold and don't even think of breathing through your nose - your nose hairs will freeze!!

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