December 7, 2007

Its Snowing!!!!

I have to admit that yesterday when my sister wrote in an email that it was snowing where she lives in Kansas I was pretty jealous. Yesterday it was rainy all day, which is odd for living at almost 8,000 feet in December. By late afternoon the rain turned to a snow rain mix and by bedtime it was snowing big flakes.

Around 5:30ish the electricity went out. I was having trouble sleeping all night due to Bratxon Hix contractions so I was tossing and turning all night. Eventually I did notice that we had no electricity. It did come back on about 6:45am - good thing because I needed to take a shower.

I looked outside and this is what I saw.
The snow is a heavy wet snow so we have tree limbs all over the yard - large ones!

Last night we received about 18 inches of snow and it is still snowing. It is not suppose to stop until sometime tomorrow! This is what I love about winter!!!

In order to get to our house you have to cross a bridge and we share our island with one other house. Joe had to go outside and help the neighbor remove downed tree limbs from in front of the bridge. Then when I was leaving to go to work about 45 minutes later I had to remove a couple more in order to get out. As I was removing it I heard another tree limb crack and fall as well.

This is a cute picture of Mikayla wearing daddy's ski helmet last night.


AmyBow said...

I tihnk it looks even more beautiful when you don't have to leave the house. And if you have a fireplace and lots of junk food. It sounds dreamy to be snowed in with a fire, family, and lots of chips and salsa... Going to work in it? Not so dreamy.

Jen said...

They've tallied it up at the ski area and we got 52" in 24-hours. Unbelievable, isn't it? They also closed 135 to emergency traffic only during the height of the storm.

So I take it you're not planning on coming up for the tree light?