December 5, 2007

Braxton Hix Question

This is for all you mamas - that haven't forgotten what it is like to be pregnant (sorry mom!)

Yesterday I was feeling a lot of pressure in my lower belly (below the belly button). It would feel as if the baby was putting weight in one place but it was spread across the entire belly. It would make my belly get hard - not my entire belly but from about an inch or two above the belly button all the way down. If I got up to go to the bathroom it would stop. It was happening a lot yesterday. Was this a Braxton Hix contraction?

Today - so far - when she puts weight in one spot it hurts a bit so it defiantly feels different than yesterday. Not a bad pain just an pain from her moving and pushing.

So am I have Braxton Hix or not? I did not really get them with Mikayla - or maybe I did. I felt this type of pressure with Mikayla as well.


Gina said...

Couldn't be absolutely positive, but I had this with Lyndon (Last March). I think they are B-H's if they stop when you move about. However, keep an "eye" on it, so to speak, just in case it's not!!
Wow, it is almost baby time!

Carrie said...

I am so glad to have your blog to read!! So I can see what lies ahead and have someone to ask!!

All I have read is that you don't need to worry about BH's unless you can time then for specific legnths of time for a certain long amount of time.?? But then I am new at this all!!

Have you decided on a name for your new little girl yet?

Good Luck!!

GreenStyleMom said...

It sounds an awful lot like a BH. My BH were tight to the point of being uncomfortable at times, but not painful. If they are actually painful, call your provider. I had fairly regular BH with both pregnancies. They would always go away or slow down if I got into bed and drank a big glass of water.

Lis Garrett said...

I had Braxton Hicks with all three of my pregnancies starting at about week 25. If I started to do too much or become too active, that was my cue to drink a big glass of water and rest a bit (like what greenstylemom said). If they continue for more than an hour while you are lying down, you might want to call your care provider.