December 14, 2007

Green Christmas

MSN wrote today on how hard it is to stay green during the holidays. Click here for the article . To me it is always easy to make small changes that will eventually effect the greater good. (Do you like that term?). Here are some simple easy ways to make your Christmas a little more green.

1. Gifts - There are many ways to make Christmas more green with the gifts you give. First you do not have to buy brand new gifts. You can find great things at second hand stores, Craig's List, Paperback swap etc. Mikayla is getting some books I ordered off of Paperback swap for Christmas. Also instead of supporting the huge retailers you can buy locally. Mikayla is getting some great wood alphabet blocks I purchased at a local retailer. Finally instead of buying gifts you can make them (arts and crafts, sewing, knitting). In my case I am making a whole bunch of holiday goodies for the grandparents. Making these cookies has been so much more and more love has gone into these goodies than anything I would have purchased. Mikayla and I have been making cookies every night and she loves to help out. Even if instead of smashing the dough balls she is making snowmen instead!

2. Wrapping Paper - Instead of buying the regular wrapping paper you can use other items to wrap gifts. Old newsprint or the comic section from the newspaper. If you are giving towels or sheets use those to wrap the rest. I recycle my old gift bags that I receive. Finally you can also purchase recycled wrapping paper.

3. Christmas Tree - The best way to stay green is to buy an articical tree and use the same one every year. They last forever. If you have to have the real tree you can look into purchasing a tree that has a root bulb on it. Then after you are done with Christmas you can plant it. I recently heard about this and thought it was an excellent idea, except there is no where around here that you can do that. Look into your local tree farms to see if they do this.

4. Christmas Lights - Now you can buy energy efficient Christmas lights. This will save money on your electric bill and these lights put off less carbon than the regular lights.

5. Christmas Cards - I love them and I hate them! In order to be more green here you can email everyone the Christmas card instead of buying the cards and mailing them. You can also find recycled Christmas cards on line.

These are just 5 simple ideas to make your Christmas a little more green. What other ideas do you have?


Anonymous said...

Your list is great, but GASP! I would NEVER say that buying an artificial tree is more environmentally friendly for the simple fact that you said, "they last forever." Artifical trees are often made of petrol products. Did you read my debate on real vs artificial trees? You can buy a real tree and mulch it once your are done (or plant it, like you said). Also, tree farms provide a valuable resource - oxygen. And farmers often plant more than one seedling in the place of a tree that is cut down. It's a sustainable practice that will never clog our landfills.

Jenny said...

I agree on the issue of the artificial tree. Some researchers have calculated that you would have to use the tree for more than 40 years in order for it to be better for the environment than buying a cut tree every year. Alternatively, buying a living tree is the best choice followed by a cut tree.

Midwest Mommy said...

Thanks for the list. A couple great ideas.