December 25, 2007


Santa came last night and Mikayla had tons of fun opening presents. She even enjoyed handing out presents to Joe and I and the dogs for everyone else to open.

Don't you love the jelly on her lip! Here is a calender Grandma and Grandpa got for her. We put it on the wall and it is magnet so she can change the months as we go.
Poor Teo - Every year he gets at least one bow put on his head. As long as he has a bone to chew on he does not care. It was his birthday yesterday, Teo is now 9 years old.
This was the big present from Mom and Dad. Mikayla loves to help cook in the kitchen either with pretend or for real. Maybe we have a world known chef on our hands!
One last picture of Mikayla and mom. She just has to show her belly whenever we take belly pictures! I will post my belly pictures in a little while.

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