July 15, 2010

Vacation Part 3

At Grandma's house you can always find misc. fun stuff. Here is a pair of glasses that she has for Mikayla to play with. Lily kept putting them on and calling them her goggles.

We spent two nights at Joe's brother's house, Chris. We took over their master bedroom and one morning Lily woke up and was playing happily in her "nest" on the floor. I was shocked because she has never done this. I looked over at Mikayla and she was laughing quietly to herself because Lily was being so funny. What a wonderful way to start the day. A little bit later the girls started playing together on the couch in the bedroom.

Chris and Suzanne have a long living room and they have turned one section in the kids play room. Everyone had fun playing with all of the toys.

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UjSen said...

cute. Reminds me of my little cousin sister in thailand!


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