July 12, 2010

Relaxing Evening

Tonight I did not clean after work and therefore I got home earlier than normal. Also, the house was still cleaned and picked up from yesterday (meaning after I left for work the girls did not destroy it), I decided to make lunches in the morning. So this is what I did:
  • Made homemade yogurt
  • Watched the girls go on a nature walk
  • Sat outside and talked with my hubby
  • Played with my girls
Mikayla wanted to make mud pies in her sandbox.

Lily wanted to swing on her tire swing.
  • And I even had a few minutes to write this blog.
  • But now I release that it is almost 7 and the girls need a bath because they are messy from making mud pies in the sandbox.
So, what did you do this evening?


Anonymous said...

What a nice ending to your vacation. Mom

Stephanie said...

That is a super cool tire swing! Did you make it yourself?


Cindy said...

Love your pictures, and thanx for sharing your talent with us.