July 18, 2010

Long Run

I am finally getting back to running. I took a month off and I don't think I helped any of my injuries, but I am ready to get running and I need to get in shape for the full marathon in mid-September. I ran every day this week except for Thursday. My goal was to run everyday with a minimum run of 2 miles.

Today, we headed up to Crested Butte because I wanted to run the Lower Loop. It was beautiful, hot, pretty wildflowers and just great. I was really out of shape. I was hoping to get in 7 to 8 miles and I finished with 6.2. I got a lot of running to do to get back in shape but I will get there.

1 comment:

GreenStyleMom said...

Way to go!! I bet you'll bounce right back. What marathon are you going to run?

And I've been enjoying your vacation photos, just haven't been much of a commenter lately. Not enough computer time in the summer!