July 22, 2010

Long Run on Lower Loop

Last Sunday we headed up to Crested Butte. I did my "long" run on the lower loop. It was a struggle to get it done and I should have taken the time to stop thinking about how bad I felt and to look around. Joe and the kids waited for me to finish at the bottom of Gunsight Pass where the trails ends up.

The girls had a blast playing in the river. They did good about not getting too wet until Lily lost her balance and sat down in the water!

I am so done!


Megan said...

This is totally great! I love your outdoor adventure with your kids. I wish i could do it on my family too.

Pamela said...

The photos look so cute. The kids are so happy and enjoying the day. I love the background, looks like have a fresh air. I wish to be there.