July 19, 2010

Bronx zoo - Vacation Part 4

On Wednesday of the week we were gone we went Bronx Zoo. On Wednesdays it is pay what you can - and that you can. That is my kind of admission. Joe, the girls and I were the only ones who went. No one else wanted to deal with the heat and the twins would not get anything out of yet. It was hot but since there were plenty of trees it was bearable.

We saw plenty of animals to keep us busy. Here is a snow leopard (I think).

The polar bear was really cool. I kept hoping he would dive into the water for a swim but he decided to take a nap instead.

The seals were swimming all over the place. This spot was out in the open with no trees and therefore hot. I really wanted to dive into the water with them.

Lily relaxing.

Notice the big gorilla right behind Mikayla.

Gariffs are in the background.

A monkey's rear-end in the back ground.


Mikayla's first animal site of the day. Lily kept calling it a cow. But she is also the one who moos at cows and horses whenever we drive past them on the ranches that surround town.

Lily was being Lily and did not want her picture taken.

We really enjoyed the zoo but I am glad that Joe drove instead of me. Driving over the George Washington Bridge was scary, too many cars, and the car lanes in New Jersey are way too small for me. I prefer the big open car lanes of the west. Then we also got lost so we toured the Bronx on the way to the zoo.

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