July 13, 2010


Lily is 2 and 1/2. She is a very cute kid and is saying all sorts of things. Lately we have been trying to get her to ask to be excused after dinner.

I noticed one day when she threw a fit about saying excuse me she kept looking at her feet. I put her in time out and when she came back she walked up to Teo (our old, chocolate lab sits by her feet at the dinner table and normally she has to walk around him to get down and leave the table.) and said excuse me. Teo at this night was sitting in a different part of the kitchen. I finally figured it out. She was not asking to leave the table she was asking Teo to move so she could get around him!

We have made it a point to all ask to be excused many times so she could see what we are doing but she still asks Teo, "excuse me."

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Melissa said...

That sounds like my little girl! She's a nut! Isn't it funny to watch them learn and grow?