November 8, 2007


This is what I was worried about when I committed to blog every day for the month of November - what do I say - it is not like I lead an exciting life. Well this is what you get - diapers and weight!!

I have been busy buying All in One Cloth Diapers for the new baby. I found a called where I can purchase All In One (no cover needed) for Preemie (4-7 pounds) for $9.00 or $8.00 if I order 12 or more and size newborn (6-10 pounds) for $10.00 or $9.00. But I have been trying to buy them used, to save money and to recycle someone elses. Don't worry they are clean. I have been on where (if I look hard enough) I can buy ones for under $10.00. But some of those mamas must have spent over$20.00 per diaper to be selling a used diaper for $15 plus!!

Next question is what time of day do you weigh yourself? I normally weigh myself first thing in the morning, naked so that I am at my absolute lowest but then at the same time I know I will naturally gain a few pounds by the end of the day. What are you opinions on this???

It is after 5pm so that means time to go home and see the family!


Melissa Garrett said...

I get weighed only once a year . . . when I go in for my annual exam ;-)

I try not to think about it too much.

And WHY, my friend, are you??

GreenStyleMom said...

I agree that you shouldn't be weighing yourself! You look super.

I weigh myself about once every week or two. And I always do it first thing in the morning. Before I shower or eat anything, and after I've peed!