November 16, 2007

Misc. Stuff

Mikayla and her big kid bed
Mikayla is in her big kid bed. We have the box spring and mattress sitting on the floor. The first night she did great. Then the second night she woke up crying around 2am. I went into her room and she was laying on her back at the other end of the bed crying. I really don't know why. I asked if she had a bad dream and she said yes, but she might have been saying yes because I asked. Then last night she did fall out of the bed and woke me up again crying. Her room is very small and we still have her crib in it just in case she wants to sleep in her crib. But ever since we put the bed in there she has not even mentioned it. I think I will move the crib out tonight (I hope I can get it through the door without taking the crib apart) and put the crib mattress next to her bed in case she falls out again.

Secretarial Help
I am trying to start up a secretarial business where I word process documents (letters, resumes, spreadheets, etc..) from home. I dream of making between $2000 and $2500 a month so I don't have to work full time and I could daycare out of the picture. We will see if I can develop it that far. Wish me luck.

People have asked for an update on our house. Well my secret plan did not work since it is still not under contract. We have a couple that is still interested in buying it but they are trying to get numbers from contractors to see if it will work. During late October and into early November hunting is a VERY big thing in Gunnison. Therefore the town shuts down, so this couple has had some delays in getting the numbers. I did run into the husband the other day and he said they are still very interested. So keep your figures crossed.

Does anyone want a 1969 trailer that needs work for only $7000? We have been trying to sell this trailer for a few months but have had no luck. Joe thinks it is in much better shape than it is but it could use a new kitchen and new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. We did put new carpet in the rest of the trailer. I just want it sold.

7 Months Pregnant
I have finally hit 28 weeks!!! Hey - third trimester here I come. I have 12 more weeks to go to hit 40 weeks but if this baby comes early like Mikayla I have 10 weeks to go - that does seem scare even though I am so ready to have this little baby but she still needs time to cook! She is very busy rolling around, kicking much harder, and just plain active - of course I have noticed it more because she is most active in the middle of the night and I have been awake lately with Mikayla in the middle of the night. I am getting bigger and bigger every day. I look at my belly and think I was this big when Mikayla was born - I am sure that is not true but I look huge! I will get pictures this weekend. I am glad that most of it is my belly.


Chrissy said...

We did the big boy bed a few months ago with our 2.5 year old. We moved the crib out right away b/c I didn't want him to have the temptation. We bought one of those little net things that goes under the mattress and protects them from falling out of the bed. It seems to be working.

When you figure out how to make the $2,000 from home - stop at my blog and let me know. I am in NH, so I wouldn't be competing with you.

Penny said...

Why do these babies like to play in the middle of the night?! :-)

Hey - about the high grade/strong flour. It is a white flour but if you're going to make a 50/50 loaf with whole wheat it will help the bread structure not to be so heavy. Strong flour has more gluten in it which is also why I suggested adding some gluten flour to a whole wheat loaf. I'm not sure what strong flour will be called in the States - check here because they have some good descriptions of the different kinds. You could see if you can locate some unbleached white organic flour as that is better nutritionally than your average Joe white flour. ;)

AmyBow said...

20 months old and in a big bed AND potty trained. How did you do it?

GreenStyleMom said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you on many fronts... word processing, house, trailer, and sleeping baby!