November 3, 2007

Clean House

I grew up in a very clean house. It was always picked up, Mom and Dad would clean the house every Saturday morning. The dinner dishes were done right after dinner - no dishes were left to the next morning. This "groomed" me to be a clean person as well. I have always enjoyed a clean house but I would also let the dinner dishes wait until the next day to be done, especially since Joe and I tend to eat late. After I had Mikayla, well maybe a few months before, I turned from a clean person to an anally clean person. I pick up the house every day after work, I would vacuum the house a few times a week (this is needed with 2 hair dogs), and wipe down the house. Then on Saturday I go through and clean the bathrooms, sweep and mop the floors (we have no carpet except for a couple of rugs), clean up the kitchen, etc... Now that I am six months pregnant and my back bothers me a lot I have slowed down. I don't vacuum the floors during the week, I still pick up, and today I even said - I am not sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor this weekend - who cares! Did I really say that? Yep - it looks fine.

If you were to come to my house it looks clean, but it is the deep cleaning I hate and don't bother with much. As I am writing this I see a huge cobweb in the window sill but it can sit there, I should clean out my cabinets because they are pretty dirty, and the fridge only gets cleaned when it starts to smell.

Normally I clean up the kitchen after dinner because Joe cooks dinner. Last night I did part of it, planning on finishing it today. I took a bath and while I was in there Joe cleaned up the whole kitchen. He said he has noticed that I have slowed down on things lately. Oh well - at least it got done and I have a more relaxed Saturday.

Well - I am off to my massage. My sister got me this as a birthday present and I am going to enjoy it!

What are you anal about?

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