November 29, 2007

Mikayla and Cats and Christmas

We are pretty sure that Mikayla is taking after daddy in the fact that she is mildly allergic to cats. We went to visit my brother and they have a cat. Mikayla is exposed to a cat at daycare but I think that cat in outside more and tends to hide when the kids are around. The first day one eye started tearing and the longer we stayed there her eyes were red and gooey. I kept thinking it was a cold and it would start to get worse. We left on Sunday on by the time we got home her eyes were just fine. Se she can never live with a cat but she can be around them. Joe is the same. He actually was never bothered by the cat this time but it has bothered him before. With about the same mild reaction.

Joe just made my Christmas giving season much easier. I always stress out what to get the in-laws, will they like what I buy, will they use it - and his dad is tough! I can only buy him Budweiser and black jeans from the Gap so many years in a row - but I know he will use those presents!! I am going to be making holiday cookies, treats and breads for everyone!! I really enjoy baking and I know his dad loves the chocolate covered pretzels. I also know that if someone sent me homemade holiday treats in the mail I would love it as well. Know I just have to think of things to get Mikayla and Joe for Christmas.

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