November 5, 2007

Sagging Breasts NOT do to Breast Feeding????

I am pretty bored at work today in reality I just don't feel like working. I am reading articles on MSN and came across this one. Go ahead and take a couple of minutes to read it.

Now - Can you believe it - they are blaming sagging breasts on smoking not on nursing. I am sorry but I have to say something. Before Mikayla was born I was a solid A, then I got pregnant and I eventually made it to a size B while pregnant and a C while I was nursing. I only nursed for 3 months and I have never in my life smoke a cigarette. After nursing Mikayla I went down to an A minus and even at that small they were sagging. Come on people - nursing does lead to sagging breasts. When ever I see a hot model on TV with great boobs I normally make the comment - you can tell she has never had a kid!!


AmyBow said...

This article is BS. Written by someone without kids that has saggy boobs that is looking for something to blame.

I love my daughter, but since having her my boobs have become big, ugly pancake boobs. I nursed for 11 months, though I don't think the length of time has anything to do with the amount of sagging.

Melissa Garrett said...

LOL! I have never smoked either, but after almost 2.5 years of Bridget nursing, my boobs are looking a little forlorn!

Midwest Mommy said...

Totally. I always say it feels like I went from nice firm jell-o molds to sloppy jell-o pudding.